• Modern cubicle with two integral design options:
  • Skittles pilasters with rounded door and
  • Arches pilasters with curved top door
  • Two heights to choose from enabling easy supervision
  • Choice of three materials
  • Water and impact resistant when specified in Solid Grade Laminate
  • Inward or outward opening doors
  • Polished Aluminium fixtures and fittings
  • Available in over 30 laminate colours  

Special Features:

  • Anti-finger trap hinge
  • High visibility face plate with emergency release and sliding lock
  • Optional magnetic catch and internal door handle
  • Three digital prints to choose from*


* Digital prints only available when High Pressure Laminate is specified

Playtime is available in three material options and delivers whichever material you specify.

Solid Grade Laminate (SGL)
13mm standard thickness with a solid core and polished black radiused edges, SGL is suitable for demanding environments where strength and/or water resistance is needed.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
18mm standard thickness moisture resistant chipboard, faced both sides with HPL. Suitable for dry areas with more intense use. When High Pressure Laminate is specified, there is a choice of three vibrant and engaging digital prints for cubicle doors and vanity under panels to make children’s washrooms come alive – that’s in addition to our standard 36 laminate colours.

Melamine Faced Chipboard (MFC)
18mm melamine faced chipboard, with 1mm matching or contrasting PVC lipping. Ideal for dry environments with light to medium use.

Modesty screens are also available in compatible materials.

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    Aluminium foot with sturdy design ensures rigidity

    Wall and Division

    Semi-circular in design, the wall and division cleat is discreet boosting safe through fixings

    Playtime Skittles:
    Overall Standard Height 1350mm overall
    Door: 950mm or 1150mm (1050mm or 1250mm inc floor clearance)
    Floor Clearance Standard - 100mm
    Minimum Ceiling Clearance - N/A
    Pilaster Width - N/A

    Playtime Arches:
    Overall Standard Height 1350mm overall
    Door: 900mm or 1100mm (1060mm or 1260mm inc floor clearance)
    Floor Clearance Standard - 160mm
    Minimum Ceiling Clearance - N/A
    Pilaster Width - N/A

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    Laminate Prints

    Please note Ladybirds, Dinosaurs and Flags screen prints are only available in High Pressure Laminate (HPL).

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    Playtime - One cubicle with two design options

    Our unique Playtime range certainly lives up to its fun name offering one cubicle with two finishing design options. You can choose from our playful Skittles pilasters and complementary rounded door or our Playtime Arches pilasters with curved top door. Both are available in two door and division heights making Playtime an ideal solution for both pre-school and infant schools.

    The free-standing construction creates a sense of freedom, whilst strength is assured through the aluminium foot and wall cleats that support the pilasters and divisions. Playtime safety features include a toilet cubicle door hinge that prevents little fingers from becoming trapped. A sliding lock with emergency release or magnetic door catch can be supplied with a simple Polycarbonate door handle to aid exiting the cubicle, Playtime also has the option of outward opening doors.

    With three material options, Solid Grade Laminate can be specified for really hard working environments and when you want the option of our fun and engaging digital prints High Pressure Laminate can be specified.

    Our Playtime range is complemented with Polished Aluminium fixtures and fittings and a Polyester Powder Coated Aluminium pedestal leg, both hardwearing and easy to maintain.

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