We are pleased to be able to offer you a selection of RIBA approved CPD's. Whether your practice focuses on high-end commercial projects or educational refurbishments we can provide a CPD that will help you specify your next washroom project. 

Our Specification Managers will come along to your offices and bring samples of material finishes and fixtures and fittings, including our stainless steel ironmongery and invisible fixing system so you can see, touch and feel the quality of our products for yourself. We will also provide breakfast or lunch for you and your team and can arrange delivery of fresh cuisine to your door on bright red bicycles and trailers.

Innovation In Flush Fronted Washrooms...

With our new RIBA approved CPD, attendees can expect to cover the following learning aims:

  • Consider the key material finishes available, their features and benefits and how they can influence washroom design
  • Receive guidance on how the selection of fixing systems can impact on the design of high end, flush fronted washroom
  • Advice on budget and value engineering
  • Explore the key considerations around equality and accessibility
  • Discuss the importance of a tried and tested system and how the finest details influence the end result

Five Key Steps to Successful Washroom Specification...

Our recently updated CPD aims to guide specifiers through the key elements of specifying washrooms including toilet cubicles, ducting and vanity units. Entitled Five Key Steps to Successful Washroom Specification, attendees can expect to cover:

  • An introduction to washroom material options
  • Cubicle fixtures and fittings
  • Other washroom elements - vanity units and duct panelling/framing
  • An overview of washroom regulations
  • Gain advice on budget and value engineering

Specifying Washrooms for the Education Sector – CPD coming early 2018

Our CPD's fit into the Inclusive Environments and Design, Construction and Technology RIBA Core Curriculum topics. CPD’s are mandatory for RIBA Chartered Architects, and an active CPD programme will keep your architectural team and other construction professionals up-to-date with the right skills and core competencies.


Did you miss us at the Riba Roadshow this year? If so, don't worry as we are taking part in the Riba CPD Roadshow 2018, dates to be announced soon.

If you would like to book a CPD or find out more then get in touch with a member of our team.